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    Welcome to Cargopak
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    Unique Bespoke Products
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Rigorous attention to detail and quality control best describes the Cargopak approach to our production process.

Irrespective of whether the goods are produced in our UK or Chinese factories, the same standards and philosophy apply.

From the moment the first CAD drawing is generated, to the moment that you, the customer take delivery of the goods, everyone at Cargopak is guided by our commitment to quality and service.

UK Production

Our UK factory concentrates on the production of samples, prototype development, production of lower-volume specialised products and assembly of all Chinese-produced large volume orders. In addition, all our design and R&D is carried out in the UK by our in-house engineering team.

Chinese Production

Our Chinese factories manufacture the majority of the large volume orders. This is carried out with the aid of the latest robotic welding technology and processing equipment.  All of our Chinese production is overseen by our UK Senior Management Team who visit China on a regular basis; no work begins or is allowed to leave the factory without sign off by a senior member of the UK Production Team. On top of the checks undertaken by our own UK team, the factories are also independently audited by Sedex/Bureau Veritas and regular batch testing is undertaken.